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About Environment Southland

In Southland we're rich in natural resources. They underpin our local economy and give us a fantastic quality of life.  

Ensuring Southland continues to prosper for generations to come means we have to manage our natural resources sustainably.

Regulation and rules will always be a part of it, but success won't be achieved by them alone. It requires a commitment from every landowner, business owner and resident to consider their impact with every decision they make.

Collectively, land users are moving towards this. It's an important shift because our local economy is dependent on the rural sector and its interconnection with our urban communities is very strong.

Currently, dairying is dominant but only 40 years ago it was sheep. We can't predict what the land use might be in the  decades ahead, but we can ensure our natural resources are in the best condition they can be to support it.

And, in achieving this, it means Southland's natural resources will be available for future generations to use and enjoy.

Page reviewed: 06 May 2016 10:07am