Navigation Safety Bylaws

In Southland, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) and Environment Southland work together to ensure navigation safety is addressed. Maritime New Zealand is the government agency tasked with managing maritime safety throughout the country. Their principal objective is to undertake activities that promote a safe maritime environment to provide effective marine pollution prevention and an effective marine oil pollution response system, at reasonable cost.

MNZ develops maritime and marine protection rules, provides technical advice on maritime safety and environmental protection issues, advice on ministerial correspondence, parliamentary questions and liaises with industry.

Environment Southland has the statutory function to promote social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being in our region, which includes navigation safety. We do this through bylaws such at the Navigation Safety Bylaws, and through the appointment of harbourmasters and honorary enforcement officers.

Some of the functions of MNZ and ES overlap. For example, both MNZ and ES have controls to address navigation safety. MNZ developed Maritime Rule Part 91 - Navigation Safety, which aims to be a national standard providing for a consistent approach across the country. Environment Southland has the Southland Navigation Safety Bylaws 2009 as revised in December 2015, which governs safe navigation practices on our rivers, lakes and at sea, out to the 12 nautical mile limit.

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