Coastal Plan

The Regional Coastal Plan sets out how Environment Southland will carry out its resource management responsibilities in the Coastal Marine Area (CMA).

The values of Southland's coast are described and issues of management identified. Fundamental principles in the management of the CMA are set out and then sections of the plan deal with specific matters, including estuaries, coastal water, air, occupation, the seabed and foreshore, structures in the coast, coastal processes and protection works, cruise ships and other ships in internal waters, recreational activities, marine farming, surface water activities, financial contributions and bonds to be made.

The Regional Coastal Plan for Southland became fully operative on the 16 March 2013.

The Coastal Plan now requires review and councillors in April 2017 approved the start of a project to set the strategic direction for how the coast is managed, which is a critical phase before embarking on a detailed review of the plan. There will be significant opportunity for public input, both in determining the strategic direction and through the formal statutory consultation process once the plan is redrafted.


Download the Regional Coastal Plan.

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