Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan

Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan - Part A (PDF, 2.9MB)


The section 42A report is an independent staff report that analyses the 900 submissions, 50 further submissions and five further submissions  to the Addendum. The report includes recommendations on how the proposed plan could be changed in response to the submissions.
The report forms one part of the information the commissioners will use to make their final decisions, after listening to the submitters, and considering expert evidence.

Section 42A report (5.1MB)
Section 42A Report - Appendix D - Wetland Mapping (7.1 MB)

Information for submitters

If you are a submitter and you indicated on your submission that you wished to be heard and you still wish to do so, you must confirm your intention and availability to one of the Hearings Administrators, Carmen Russell or Denise McKay, no later than 24 April 2017.

Phone: 0800 76 88 45

Once all submitters have confirmed whether they wish to be heard, a hearing timetable will be prepared showing which submitters will be heard at which times. The timetable will be emailed to submitters and posted here.

More information about the hearings is available here.


If I want a hard copy of the s42a, can I get one?

 Yes you can purchase a hard copy if you want. The cost is $75 plus GST for the report, and $35 + GST for the maps. Alternatively, we are happy to provide copies on data sticks for no cost. There are two copies at our front counter for perusal. If you wanted to copy pages out of those, there may be a charge (first 20 pages free, 10 cents/page after that).

I never received any notification that this was being released?

All submitters were either emailed (if an email address was provided and verified) or sent a letter. If we had your email address and you don't think you received it, please check in your SPAM/unwanted folder. If not, give us a call and we can email the information and letter to you.

Do I have to submit my evidence by 12 May?

If you are presenting any supporting information at the hearing (no new information is able to be introduced), then yes, you are required to provide it by 12 May. This is because the hearing panel will read all documentation prior to the hearing, which will speed up the process. If you don't have any supporting information to present, then you can just turn up and be available to answer any questions the panel may have.

What do you mean by evidence?

Evidence is any additional information that you did not provide with your submission. For example, if you are planning to bring an expert with you to the hearing to support your submission, they will need to write down what they are planning to discuss and submit it to the Council by 12 May. Similarly, if you discussed your property in your submission and plan to bring extra information (i.e. photos, maps, other documents) to the hearing, these need to be provided to the Council by 12 May.

If you just plan to appear at the hearing to discuss the matters you raised in your submission, you will not need to send anything in advance.

Can I tell you when I want to speak?
Yes sure. Give us a call. We will ask you for a few details and you will receive confirmation closer to the hearing date. You will be allocated either a morning session, or an afternoon session, rather than a specific time.
I don't want to speak, can I still attend?
Yes, the hearings are public and anyone, submitter or not, is welcome to attend. The times and venues are all in the information provided and on our website.
What happens with the Section42A report?
The report is one of the pieces of information that the panel will use to consider when it makes its decision. It will also consider the submissions, and supporting information provided at the hearings. The Section42A report is simply a professional officers opinion and is not binding on the panel at all.

The timeframe is too tight. Can I get an extension?

Requests for extensions must be made in writing to the hearing panel as soon as possible and include the reasons why the deadline cannot be met. The Panel expects that submitters will comply with the direction provided unless there is a compelling reason they cannot (i.e. unavailability of experts).

Next steps

Hearing are set to begin in late May and they will be held at various places starting at the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill, then moving to the Heartland Hotel in Croydon, Gore, and then to Environment Southland’s council chamber.
Scheduling for these has begun.  We are also calling for submitter evidence to be supplied by 12 May.
If you indicated in your submission that you wanted to be heard, you will be sent information on what this means. You will need to contact us to find a day and session that suits to speak to the commissioners.

Process forward
  • 7 April - Staff report (Section 42a) available online from noon
  • 7 April - Scheduling for the hearing of submissions begins
  • 12 May - Evidence will need to be provided to Environment Southland
  • 22 May - Hearings begin

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