Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan

As a regional council we have a responsibility to ensure the region’s natural resources are sustainably managed so that they are available for future generations to use and enjoy. Maintaining and improving Southland’s water quality is our biggest challenge and first priority.

The proposed Southland Water and Land Plan seeks to address activities that are known to have a significant effect on water quality, such as land use intensification, wintering and stock exclusion from waterways.  Download the plan below or click here to read more about how the plan was formed.

Reply report

When the Hearing Panel finished hearing from submitters in September, they asked Council staff to prepare a Reply Report summarising all the information and submissions presented to the Panel, and answering all the questions from the Panel during the hearing. The Reply Report sets out the final recommendations by staff for changes to the proposed Plan. It is not binding on the Panel and will be considered alongside all the submissions and evidence received.

Reply Report - Questions and Answers (14 November 2017)
Reply Report (3 November 2017)
Reply Report Errata (9 November 2017)
Proposed Plan with track changes – Part A: Text (3 November 2017)
Proposed Plan with track changes – Part B: Maps (3 November 2017)

Plan documents

Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan - Part A (PDF, 2.9MB)
Map Series 1 - Water Quality (PDF, 9.9MB)
Map Series 2 - Waiau Catchment (PDF, 471.2KB)
Map Series 3 - Groundwater Management Zones (PDF, 21.7MB)
Map Series 4 - Physiographic Zones (PDF, 12MB)
Map Series 5 - FDE (Farm Dairy Effluent) Risk (PDF, 583.3KB)
Map Series 6 - Fire Hazard Zones (PDF, 427.1KB)
Map Series 7 - Freshwater Management Units (PDF, 325KB)

Hearing updates

After each hearing week, audio recordings, submitter documents and any documents council has provided at the hearing will be available on the website. Click on the tile below to find these updates.

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Information for submitters

All submissions and evidence from submitters can be found on the website. Click on the tile blow to access this area.

If you haven't been to a hearing before and want to find out what to expect then take a look at the video.

If you are a submitter and have questions or concerns, please get in touch with one of the Hearings Administrators, Carmen Russell or Denise McKay.

Phone: 0800 76 88 45

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Video: Tips for submitters

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