Week three

The third week of the hearing took place from 26 – 28 June at the Heartland Hotel in Gore. The Panel heard from 42 submitters. The submitters were mostly farmers from around Southland, as well as Heritage New Zealand.

At the end of the week, the hearing was adjourned until 9.00am Monday 14 August 2017 when it will recommence in Invercargill at Environment Southland.

Schedule for week three

Schedule - Week Three

Hearing panel documents

 Questions for 603 Nithdale Station.pdf

Tabled evidence

​DateDocument​Tabled by​Submitter number​
26 June

Drylands Farming Ltd - Evidence (tabled) Presentation

Drylands Farming Ltd Evidence (tabled) eColi
​Blair & Jody Drysdale​220
Flaxwood South​Flaxwood South​273
Glenlapa Station​Charles Smaill​322
HUNT A & B - Statement - Evidence
HUNT A & B Evidence (tabled) Further Information
Alistair & Bernadette Hunt​402
Springlands Group Ltd​Gavin Tayles​759
STEWART Grahame​STEWART Grahame​771
Stewart Family Trust Virgina & Trevor Evidence (tabled) PhotosSTEWART Family Trust​​771a
27 June
BLAKELY Barney & Stephanie​BLAKELY Barney & Stephanie​080
CLARKE David​CLARKE David​139
​Gavenwood Farm​Peter McDonald​304
RABBIDGE Stephen​RABBIDGE Stephen​656

​St Patricks Farms Ltd
St Patricks Farm Ltd Evidence (tabled) Commentary
St Patricks Farm Ltd Evidence (tabled) Photos 1
St Patricks Farm Ltd Evidence (tabled) Photos 2

​David & Melissa Bullmore​760
STEVENSON G V & B P​George Stevenson​769

​WILSON Aaron Speaking Notes

WILSON Aaron - Evidence Tabled - Report Stand Off
​WILSON Aaron​877
28 June
Heritage New Zealand​Jane O’Dea​372
MCDONALD W F & K M​William McDonald​519
Nithdale Station
Nithdale Station Evidence (tabled) Fence Map
​Andrew Tripp​603

SUTHERLAND Richard - Evidence (tabled) Photos

​SUTHERLAND Richard​787
Twin Farm Ltd​Welsh Family ​828

Audio files (MP3)

​26 June
27 June​
​28 June
​220 Drylands Farming Ltd​080_081 B,H and H Blakley157 K and W Coghan
​273 Flaxwood South125 P Chartres208 M and S Dillon
​322 Glenlapa Station139 D Clarke 306 A Gibson
​402 B and A Hunt​234 B Eade​372 Heritage New Zealand
​634 hayden Peter Trust and 779 Strathallan Trust304 Gavenwood Farm ​498 A Mann
​638 Pinnacle Farming Ltd590 Mt Linton Station​499 J Mann
​759 Springlands Group​623 PH Bennett Ltd519 W F and K M McDonald
​770_771_771A_774 Stewart Trust, G Stewart and V Stewart656 S Rabbidge ​556 J McRae
760 St Patricks Farm 578 Moonlight Trust
769  G And B Steveson603 Nithdale Station
​820 J Topham651 Logan Pullar Trust
877 A Wilson ​685 Rosebrae Farm ltd
​894 R Young ​787 R Sutherland
​7655 D Rabbidge​828 Twin Farm Ltd
844 Waitea Dairies Ltd
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