Week one

The first week of the hearing took place from 22 -25 May at the Ascot Park Hotel in Invercargill. Council staff opened the hearing on Monday and Tuesday by providing legal submissions, and giving presentations on:

  • water quality state and trend in Southland;
  • how the physiographic zones were developed;
  • how the physiographic zones have been used in the plan;
  • the land sustainability  team;
  • the provisions in the proposed plan.
Environment Southland staff responded to questions from the hearing panel on their evidence. Nineteen submitters came along and were heard by the hearing panel, and presented a range of evidence from photographs to slide shows which are available below.

The hearing was adjourned until 12 June where it will recommence in Gore. The hearing panel will be undertaking a site visit on the 8th and 9th of June.

Schedule for week one

Schedule - Week One

Tabled evidence

DateDocument Tabled by Submitter number
24 MayEvidence from Big Bay Whitebaiters Group B Chisolm072
Memo supporting R Hodson Presentation on New River Estuary  P Maw 
Oral transcription of R Hodson presentation
Presentation notes K Wilson
Overseer nutrient budget - supporting information for evidence from B Hughes
Speaking notes of King Farming PartnershipMr King443
Etalvale Station speaking notes on behalf of Upper Aparima Catchment GroupEtalvale Station830
Hamish Ryan speaking notes on behalf of Upper Aparima Catchment GroupMr Ryan 830
Presentation from M Beattie in support  of Upper Aparima Catchment GroupM Beattie056
Presentation from Riverfield Farms Ltd  in support of  Upper Aparima Catchment GroupRiverfield Farms Ltd667
25 May Further supplementary questions in response to questions from the Panel P Maw 
Speaking notes for Sydney PayneS Payne631
Summary of relief sought by DHLB Williams189
Response  from Big Bay Whitebaiters GroupB Chisolm072

Audio files (MP3)

​22 May
23 May​24 May​25 May​
Council and Hearing Panel -  Opening Legal Submissions​Council and Hearing Panel -  Legal Submission and Process​Hearing Panel - Opening for the Day​Hearing Panel and Council - Opening and Questions
​Legal Submissions and Science Presentations​Council - Science Respondng to Questions​Submitter - 072  Big Bay Whitebaiters Group​Hearing Panel and Council - Discussion
​Science Presentations and Questions​Council  - Land Sustainability Responding to Questions​Submitter - 092 Bristol Grove Dairies​Submitter - 209 D Diprose and L McSoriley
​Questions and Land Sustainability Presentation​Council - s42A Officer Responding to Questions​Submitter - 443 King Farming Partnership​Submitter - 209 J Risk for D Diprose
​s42A Officer and Questions​Submitter - 597 M Napper and A Findlay​Submitter - 209 T Broad for D Diprose
​s42A Officer Presentation and Questions Part Two​Submitter - 830 Upper Aparima Catchment Group​Submitter - 209 L McSoriley for D Diprose
​Submitter - 056 M and L Beattie​Submitter - 140,141,270 J Clarke
​Submitter - 827 P and K Turner​Submitter - 469 R and N Legg
​Submitter - 219 R and J Drummond​Submitter - 631 S Payne
​Submitter - 619 Opio Milk Ltd​Submitter - 189 B Williams for Dairy Holdings
​Submitter - 667 Riverfield Farms​Submitter - 189 C Glass for Dairy Holdings Ltd
​Submitter - 875 Willowbank Farms and Avondale Dairies​Submitter - R Potts for Dairy Holdings Ltd
​Hearing Panel - Adjournment​Submitter - 785 N Surendran
​Submitter - 601 D Nicholson​Hearing Panel and Council - Closing for Day
​Submitter - 888 K and J Woolhouse
​Hearing Panel - Closing for the Day
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