Low water levels

​Our monitoring shows that the recent rainfall has helped to recharge most aquifers and increase river levels, which is a welcome relief to the extended dry spell. With more rain forecast the chances of going back to water shortage conditions are low.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely.  Check this page for updates.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.

What you can do

Farmers and households who rely on aquifers for their water supplies should ensure their bores are well maintained and make contingency plans in case their supply fails.

The most common reason for a bore running dry is that well screens become clogged from lack of maintenance. Over time, silt and fine material accumulates and impedes the flow of water into the bore or well.

Bore yield and reliability of supply can generally be restored by having the bore or well flushed by an experienced contractor.

Landowners should also check hoses and fittings to ensure there are no leaks and that pump intakes and foot valves are adequately positioned below the water table.

Land users who irrigate are advised to check their consents and identify any triggers that will require them to make changes to their usage, so that they are informed and prepared if water levels get any lower.

What water restrictions are in place?

For details on restrictions in your area, visit your local council website.

Southland District Council
Gore District Council
Invercargill City Council

Ideas on how to conserve water around the house and garden are available on https://icc.govt.nz/water-every-drop-counts-these-days/

Drought support meetings

Following the Southland Drought Support meetings held in Otautau & Gore on the 25th & 26th January, the following pdfs contain the presentations presented on the day.

Team Ag will continue to monitor the dry conditions across Southland and provide support where seen fit.

Should you require any extra information from the meetings, please contact Olivia Ross from Beef + Lamb NZ 0278017868 olivia.ross@beeflambnz.com

You can also find more information and resources by visiting the following links:


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