On this page we keep the last few Envirosouth publications, free to download below:

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Envirosouth - March 2016 Envirosouth - March 2016
In this issue, get an insight into one farmer's experience of completing a farm focus activity plan, read the insipring tale of how a community partnership led to the successful restoration of a section of the Mararoa River, and find out why beachcombers are playing a vital part in preserving Southland's unique coastal archaeological treasures.
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Envirosouth - December 2015 Envirosouth - December 2015
In the last Envirosouth for 2015, get to know your councillors, be inspired by Sumaria Beaton – a born-and-bred Southlander who works to improve the warmth of our homes, learn how to rid your property of possums, check out the latest update on the Water and Land 2020 & Beyond project, and much more.
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Envirosouth - August 2015 Envirosouth - August 2015
In this issue: read all about the next stage of our Water and Land 2020 & Beyond project; check out the winners and nominees of the 20th annual Environment Awards; meet the new manager/group controller for Emergency Management Southland; and take a peek into the life of an air quality scientist.
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Envirosouth - May 2015 Envirosouth - May 2015
This issue of Envirosouth contains stories on: falcons, a brand new effluent stop station, our region's unique water types, the recent dairy women's conference, the 20th year of the environment awards and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 35 (February 2015) Envirosouth Issue 35 (February 2015)
This issue of Envirosouth is packed with stories, profiles and information about the Water and Land 2020 & Beyond project, the proposed changes to the air quality rules, and stories on some of the innovative scientific investigations and research being carried out to help us better understand and improve our environment, plus much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 34 (September 2014) Envirosouth Issue 34 (September 2014)
This issue of the Envirosouth is packed with exciting stories and information about the Southland region; find out about the proposed changes for air quality, get to know the winners of the 2014 Environment Awards, read about the exciting life of a Coastal Resource Consents Officer, and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 33 (May 2014) Envirosouth Issue 33 (May 2014)
In this issue, find out how a local duck shooter is making a difference to biodiversity, read up on how new technology is helping our estuaries, and learn more about the big dreams one group has for Bluff Hill.
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Envirosouth Issue 32 (February 2014) Envirosouth Issue 32 (February 2014)
In this issue, take a look into the full-on life of a floodwarning duty officer, read about our response to protecting Fiordland’s pristine waters, and find out why the health of our waterways runs deeper than just improving water quality. All this and much more is right here, in the first Envirosouth for 2014.
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Envirosouth Issue 31 (November 2013) Envirosouth Issue 31 (November 2013)
This issue has a fabulous range of articles from the informative to the fascinating, along with some great scenic and people photos. Stories feature a group of enterprising farmers; the science around water and understanding nitrate; what’s happening with Waituna (including webcam pics), air quality and Water and Land 2020 & Beyond; Southland’s new Iwi Liaison Officer, the our newly elected council and more.
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Envirosouth Issue 30 (July 2013) Envirosouth Issue 30 (July 2013)
In this issue we feature the winners in the Environment and Conservation Awards and the Green Screen Awards. There are stories about businesses doing their part for the environment and tips to help them on emergency planning; soil and groundwater mapping; our innovative field staff; air quality results and issues; southern councils sharing services; plus information about the stormwater system, managing weeds, environmental education and the upcoming local election.
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Envirosouth Issue 29 (December 2012) Envirosouth Issue 29 (December 2012)
In this Issue, being prepared for floods - a lifetime living on the Mataura, a Water 2020 update, maintaining the floodways and the Brucie's Buddies Bulletin Xmas special.
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Envirosouth Issue 28 (September 2012) Envirosouth Issue 28 (September 2012)
In this Issue: Air quality and pollution prevention, green screen awards, highlights on Waituna and Shakeout.
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Envirosouth Issue 27 (June 2012) Envirosouth Issue 27 (June 2012)
In this issue: Find out about the influence groundwater has on Waituna’s creeks and lagoon, the strange effect earthquakes have on Southland's aquifers and read the latest edition of Brucie's Buddies Bulletin, included in Envirosouth for the first time.
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Envirosouth Issue 26 (March 2012) Envirosouth Issue 26 (March 2012)
In this issue: find out what an Invercargill artist creates in his shed, what's happening at Waituna and a fancy new piece of technology that will help identify sources of contamination.
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Envirosouth Issue 25 (December 2011) Envirosouth Issue 25 (December 2011)
In this issue: Find out what is happening at Waituna Lagoon, learn what it's like to be a Council Compliance Officer and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 24 (September 2011) Envirosouth Issue 24 (September 2011)
In this issue: Waituna Lagoon, State of the Environment Reports, how to stop the spread of weeds on the farm and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 23 (April 2011) Envirosouth Issue 23 (April 2011)
In this issue: Smoking chimneys and poor air quality, draft annual plan summary, councillor's comments, Waituna Lagoon and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 22 (January 2011) Envirosouth Issue 22 (January 2011)
In this issue: Pest control helps rejuvenate native bird numbers, water quality drops after the rain, Gollums in Meadow Burn, World Wetlands Day, councillor's comments and much more.
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Envirosouth Issue 21 (November 2010) Envirosouth Issue 21 (November 2010)
In this issue: Kanakana link local knowledge with science, new summer walking series, red alert for blue-green algae, and what's in your backyard?
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Envirosouth Issue 20 (July 2010) Envirosouth Issue 20 (July 2010)
In this issue: Elections, Environment Awards, Major Report on Water, and Air Quality.
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Envirosouth Issue 19 (April 2010) Envirosouth Issue 19 (April 2010)
In this issue: Draft Annual Plan, Environment Awards open, new possum control programme to help farmers, and Southlanders heed Civil Defence warning.
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