Compliance information

Our work involves:

  • carrying out inspections of activities with resource consents to ensure compliance with conditions
  • carrying out inspections of permitted activities (that do not require a resource consent) to ensure compliance with our plans
  • responding to and investigating environmental pollution incidents
  • investigating and prosecuting when there is breach of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA 1991)

Consent compliance inspections

More than 4000 resource consents are inspected in Southland each year.  Every time a condition of a resource consent is inspected, a compliance grade is recorded.  The compliance grades are assessed to determine compliance with resource consent conditions.  Consistent, full compliance with conditions of a resource consent may result in the consent holder being inspected less frequently.  Conversely, persistent or significant non-compliance is likely to result in enforcement action.


Southland is a province built largely around a prosperous agricultural industry. The environmental impact of these is monitored through the resource consent Regional Plan monitoring process. However it should be noted that there are a number of other industries in Southland that have their environmental impact inspected through the same process. All industries within Southland require a resource consent to discharge to air, water, coast and land.  These discharges are monitored to ensure compliance with consents and to minimise impacts on the environment.

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