Walking and cycling

Walking, running & cycling are popular pastimes in Southland.

Southlanders are blessed with plenty of fresh air, a mild climate and relatively short distances between home and work, schools and recreation in our urban areas. Environment Southland maintains walk and cycleways along some of our stopbanks and other flood protection infrastructure in Invercargill.

Waihopai Walk/Cycleway

The Waihopai Walkway follows the Waihopai River, and extends from the Waihopai Dam at the northern most point, to the Stead Street bridge at the southernmost point.

Invercargill City Council maintains the track from Stead Street to the Roger Sutton Boardwalk, terminating at Bluff Road. The next section, from the Boardwalk south towards Bluff, is part of the Invercargill-Bluff walkway which is currently under development.

Otepuni Stream Walk/Cycleway

The Otepuni Stream Walkway begins at Clyde Street/Otepuni Stream Bridge and continues eastwards through the Otepuni Gardens to Rockdale Road.

Kingswell Creek Walk/Cycleway

The Kingswell Creek Walkway starts at the Bluff Road/Kew Road intersection and continues through Kew Bush and follows the Kingswell Creek parallel to Ball Street up to the Chesney Street intersection.

Invercargill – Bluff Walk/Cycleway

Currently, this new section of the walkway links the existing Waihopai Walkway with 9.2kms of track from the Estuary Boardwalk to the Invercargill City Council Oxidation Ponds, and onward to Kekeno Place at Awarua.  Further sections of the walkway will be completed as funding becomes available, until it reaches Bluff. This section of the walkway can pose a challenge for cyclists on a windy day.

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