Community outcomes

From 2003-2014, we worked together with the Invercargill City Council, Southland District Council, and Gore District Council to identify community outcomes for Southland through the Our Way Southland project.

Seven community outcomes were identified in 2005 as a result of extensive community consultation. They have been incorporated into the Long-term Plans and Annual Plans as guiding principles to ensure that Southland's councils take the community's priorities and desires into account when setting programmes and activities.

Visit the Our Way Southland project website (discontinued in 2014).

Outcome One: "Southland is a great place to live"

  1. We value our history and heritage.
  2. We have a choice of quality places to go and things to do.
  3. We embrace and respect a diverse community.
  4. We are proud to be Southlanders.
  5. We live in a creative place.

Outcome Two: "A diverse economy built from our strengths for growth and prosperity"

  1. We have a quality infrastructure with potential for growth.
  2. We have an innovative and vibrant culture that supports business.
  3. We have a business friendly environment in which to operate.
  4. We have an economy built on our competitive advantage.
  5. We have full employment and rewarding careers.
  6. We retain and build on our skills base.
  7. We keep the things about living here that we value.

Outcome Three: "Safe places in a caring society that is free from crime"

  1. We have safe roads.
  2. We have safe homes.
  3. We have public places safe for children and families.
  4. We apprehend and hold law breakers appropriately accountable.
  5. We support the victims of crime.

Outcome Four: "We are healthy people"

  1. We are able to live healthy lifestyles.
  2. We have good quality affordable housing.
  3. We live in a compassionate caring community.
  4. We have equity of access to health services.

Outcome Five: "Strong, effective leadership taking us into the future"

  1. Citizens and communities are inspired, motivated and empowered.
  2. Decisions are progressive, forward looking and robust.
  3. The community has confidence in its leaders.

Outcome Six: "A treasured environment which we care for and which supports us now and into the future"

  1. We have an informed community caring for the environment.
  2. We have a healthy, safe and accessible built environment.
  3. We have an environment protected from the negative effects of human activities.

Outcome Seven: "A well-educated and skilled community continually seeking further opportunities to learn"

  1. We have accessible learning opportunities.
  2. We have high quality learning opportunities available to meet community needs and demands.
  3. We deliver innovative, integrated and effective learning programmes.
  4. We have a culture of continuous learning.
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