Management structure

​Environment Southland is made up of two key bodies:

Elected Councillors
('The Council')
Council's Administration
(also 'The Council')
Made up of twelve councillors, elected democratically by the Southland public every three years to represent six constituencies. The Council decides the range of services and activities the organisation provides, and sets the policy for these. It delegates implementation to the staff, and monitors their performance.The corporate organisation, led by the Chief Executive who is responsible to the elected Council for ensuring the effective, efficient and economic management of all Environment Southland's activities. The Council currently employs around 150 staff.

Executive team

The Executive team is charged with providing leadership and direction to the organisation, monitoring organisational performance, delivering on performance expectations and achieving positive outcomes for the region.

Chief Executive

Rob Phillips

Director of Corporate Services

Neil Selman

Acting Director of Science & Information

Ken Swinney

Director of Policy, Planning & Regulatory Services

Vin Smith

Director of Operations

Jonathan Streat

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