Shared services

The councils in southern New Zealand are working together in many ways under the umbrella of a joint committee called Shared Services. This committee has been meeting regularly since it was formed in 2000, and has achieved several successes for all of the partner councils.

More than 50 inter-council collaboration projects have been worked on during the past 14 years and the most effective and successful to date  would be:

  • the regional landfill and joining of solid waste services (WasteNet Southland)
  • the formation of Emergency Management Southland to manage region-wide civil defence emergencies.
  • The formation of Venture Southland, which promotes and manages tourism, economic development and events throughout Southland.

While most of the projects undertaken involve all of the four Southland councils, in some instances the shared service involves other councils outside of the Southland regional boundary, and partnerships involving government departments and private organisations.

Read the brochure below for a summary of the shared service initiatives being undertaken by Southland local authorities, and to get a glimpse of what’s being planned for the future.

Download the Shared Services brochure.

Page reviewed: 06 May 2016 10:22am