Riverbed Vegetation Control Programme 2016/2017

Adjacent property owners and other users of the river channels listed are advised that helicopter and ground-based spraying is to be carried out within the flood fairways of these rivers. This is to control vegetation which may affect the passage of flood water.

Plants targeted throughout the programme are gorse, broom and self-sown willow.

Ground-based hand gun work has commenced on the Oreti River and will be carried out intermittently in this catchment and those listed below from now through to 30 June 2017.

The aerialwork required on each channel should take 3-5 days to complete if the weather is suitable. The work may commence from October onwards, depending on weather conditions and should be finished by the end of February 2017.

The river channels involved are:

  1. Mataura River and tributaries from the Titiroa Confluence to Cainard.
  2. Oreti River and tributaries from the Ferry Rd bridge to the confluence with the Windley River.
  3. Aparima River and tributaries from the Riverton-Otautau Rd bridge to the Wreys Bush-Mossburn Rd bridge.
  4. Waiau River and tributaries from the mouth to the Mararoa Weir.
  5. Mararoa River from the weir to the Mararoa Station Rd bridge.
  6. Whitestone River from the Mararoa confluence to Bushy Point.
  7. Upukerora River from the lake confluence to the top end of Coal Pit Flat.
  8. Waihopai, Otepuni and Kingswell channels within Invercargill City boundaries.There will be a break in the programme over the Christmas period between 24 December 2016and5 January 2017.For further information regarding the programme, please contact Paul Pollard at Environment Southland during office hours, phone toll free on 0800 768845 or 03 211 5115.
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