Winter grazing flights to begin

2019-07-08T00:00:00 Pacific/Auckland

Monday 8 July 2019

Environment Southland is hoping to see a good uptake of good management practices for intensive winter grazing by farmers this year.

Rules require farmers to keep stock away from waterways during the winter months and there are a range of good management practices that should be used to graze paddocks to mitigate any impacts on water quality.

Environment Southland compliance manager Simon Mapp said the monitoring flights would take place over the next few weeks. “We are hoping to cover as much of Southland as we can in three flights, and staff will follow-up with on-ground inspections if there are any issues seen from the air,” he said.

Environment Southland has a variety of responses available to non-compliance from education and advice to enforcement, Simon Mapp said.

“Now is also a good time for farmers to reflect on the good wintering practices they have been using this season, and consider if there are more improvements they could make for this year, or next.”

“Maintaining riparian buffer zones, grazing towards the waterway and back fencing breaks will significantly reduce sediment and contaminant runoff into waterways and help maintain soil structure,” he said.

Get in touch with Environment Southland or your industry reps if you would like more specific advice for your farm, and for help in preparing for next winter.

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