No consultation required for 2016/17 Annual Plan

At today’s Council meeting councillors decided that formal consultation for the development of the 2016/17 Annual Plan was not required.

This annual plan is the first following the adoption of the Council’s Long-term Plan 2015-25 (LTP) via consultation onSouthland’s Big 3document, which identified water, air and biodiversity as the key focus areas.

The Council is on track with the work programmes outlined in the LTP andSouthland’s Big 3.Any changes will be minor and accommodated within the projected budgets.

According to recent changes to the Local Government Act councils are no longer required to formally consult on annual plans unless there is significant change.

Chairman Ali Timms said the Council’s approach to engagement is to go out and talk to communities when issues are being addressed such as for the air plan review, the water and land plan and the regional pest management plan, rather than consult through the Annual Plan process.

If people wish to discuss any matters with the Council or individual councillors they are always welcome to do so.

The Annual Plan is scheduled for adoption on 22 May and will be available online at and from Environment Southland from that date.

Page reviewed: 23 Mar 2016 12:00am