Air Plan

​​Purpose of the Plan

Discharges of contaminants into the air can affect the health of people and communities and the environment. This plan sets out the way in which Environment Southland will control and manage discharges such as those from industrial and trade premises, other premises throughout Southland, odour, and motor vehicle emissions.

Regional Air Plan 2016

Southland’s Regional Air Plan 2016 was formally adopted by Council on 5 October 2016.

It updates the previous air plan, which is reviewed to reflect the community’s health values, current air quality issues and the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES).

As a regional council, we have a legal obligation to manage our region’s air quality. Smoke from home chimneys is the major cause of air pollution in the built-up areas of Invercargill and Gore, particularly during the winter months.

The plan includes new rules for home heating, outdoor burning, the application of agrichemicals and fertilisers and fire training. All other discharges to air (such as industrial and commercial discharges) will be reviewed in Stage 2 of the Air Plan Review.

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 Regional Air Plan 2016.pdf

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