Effluent Land Application Plan

​The manner in which effluent and sludge is treated and/or discharged can make a difference as to whether or not there is an adverse effect on the receiving environment. The discharge of effluent and sludge onto or into land is widely practiced in Southland Region.

This Plan covers sewerage schemes, treatment of foul water by septic tanks, toilet facilities at visitor centres, rest areas and at tramping track huts, campervan and  stock truck discharges, trade wastes, and other discharges that may have an effect on groundwater and surface water quality and public health in Southland. The plan looks at how Environment Southland will manage effluent and sludge in Southland.

Download the Effluent Land Application Plan.

Note: We're currently in the process of combining provisions from the Transitional Regional Plan, Regional Effluent Land Application Plan and Regional Water Plan into one document. The proposed Southland Water and Land Plan introduces new methods to manage activities that we know adversely affect the quality of Southland’s freshwater. Relevant objectives, policies and rules of the proposed Plan, as well as those in the existing plans, must be considered in all resource consent applications lodged with Environment Southland.

Page reviewed: 03 Aug 2016 11:10am