Land Transport Plan

​​​​​Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2018 - 2021

Otago and Southland Regional Transport Committees (the RTCs) collaboratively developed the Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015-2021 (RLTP).  This RLTP sets the strategic direction for land transport in Otago/Southland, and lists the recommended activities for funding from the National Land Transport Fund administered by the NZ Transport Agency.

The Land Transport Management Act 2003 (LTMA) requires Regional Transport Committees (RTC) to undertake subsequent reviews of the RLTP.  As required by the legislation, the RTCs have consulted and recommended updated to the strategy and programme of activities in the RLTP for 2018-2021.

 Download the Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2018-2021

The document is also available split into sections:

Section 1 : Summary and maps
Section 2.1 & 2.2 : Current situation including drivers of change
Section 2.3 & 2.4 : Problems and opportunities
Section 3 : Strategies & policy section
Section 4.1 : Projects with funding already approved
Section 4.2 : Prioritised activities - a summary
Section 4.3 : Full programme of activities
Section 4.4 & 4.5 : Other activities for 2018-21 & future RLTPs
Appendices 1-8
Appendix 9


A total of 53 submissions were received on the proposed variations by the closing date on 29 January 2018. Hearings were held in Queenstown and Dunedin on 19 February and 22 February.

Submitter list sorted alphabetically

Individual submissions and their summary can be found at:


The hearing panel completed the deliberations and provided recommended decision to the RTCs. On 8 June 2018, the RTC resolved to lodge the RLTP with Environment Southland and Otago Regional Council for approval. 

 Summary of decisions.pdf

Older versions

Download the Otago Southland Regional Land Transport Plans 2015-2021.

Regional Transport Committee Chairs Group

The South Island Regional Transport Committee Chairs Group was established in 2016 for the purpose of significantly improving transport outcomes in the South Island through collaboration and integration.

Click here for more information on this group.

The South Island Regional Transport Committees Chairs Group commissioned a project to “Identify the Opportunities For Mode Shift and Preparation Of A Mode Shift Implementation Plan” for the South Island.  The resulting Plan suggested the largest opportunities for the Otago and Southland regions are for shifting a larger percentage of logs from road to rail.  A new project has now commenced with Environment Southland, KiwiRail and the Clutha District Council as partners to further investigate the financial viability of the options identified in the report.
 Freight Study Report 

Regional Transport Committee Meetings

The Regional Transport Committee receives a regular report on progress with implementation of the Improvement Projects included in the Regional Land Transport Plan.  The following tables provide basic details on progress as at the date indicated.

Table - Progress of transport improvement projects in Otago Southland RLTPs
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