Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan

​The formal Environment Court hearing process is underway for the next two weeks (Tuesday 4 June) at the Ascot Park Hotel, Invercargill. For a hearing schedule, click here​​.

As a regional council we have a responsibility to ensure the region’s natural resources are sustainably managed so that they are available for future generations to use and enjoy. Maintaining and improving Southland’s water quality is our biggest challenge and first priority.

The proposed Southland Water and Land Plan seeks to address activities that are known to have a significant effect on water quality, such as land use intensification, urban discharges, wintering and stock access to waterways. 


Submitters had an opportunity to speak to the  hearing panel until the hearing closed in October 2017. The hearing panel then wrote a report that made recommendations to Council on the provisions in the plan and the decisions on submissions. The Council has accepted all of the panel’s recommendations.

From 4 April 2018, the decisions version of the plan replaces the version notified on 3 June 2016. For a quick look at the key topics and changes to the plan, check out the overview document Exploring the plan.

You can read the full decisions version of the plan here:

Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan – Part A (text)
Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan – Part B (maps)

A series of minor corrections was made to the decisions version of the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan after its public notification on 4 April, under Clause 16(2) of Schedule 1 to the RMA. The list is available here:

List of corrections

Hard copies of the plan are available at Environment Southland’s offices and at every public library in Southland. You can also read the hearing panel report here:

Report and Recommendations
Report and Recommendations – Appendix A (Decisions on Submissions)
Report and Recommendations – Appendix B1 (Plan – tracked changes)
Report and Recommendations – Appendix B2 (Plan – clean)
Report and Recommendations – Appendix C (Reference material)

The public notice (4 April 2018) is available here:


Any person who made a submission on the plan had the chance to appeal the Council’s decision to the Environment Court within 30 working days of receiving notification of the decisions on the provisions and submissions. The last day for lodging appeals with the Environment Court was 17 May 2018.

The Environment Court has issued a direction on 28 May 2018 stating that the period for joining the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan appeals under s274 is extended until Friday 22 June 2018.

The Environment Court has also advised that one s274 notice is required for each appeal that a party seeks to join. The s274 notice is to include an explanation of the particular issues raised by an appeal that a prospective party is interested in and a statement as to whether the relief sought in the appeal is supported or opposed, along with the other information required by Form 33 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees, and Procedure) Regulations 2003.

 You can find more information on the appeals process on the Environment Court’s website,

List of parties appealing
Summary of appeals
Proposed Southland Water and Land Plan - Part A - Appeals Version (1 June 2018)

The shading within the appeals version of the plan indicates the provisions which are directly under appeal to the Environment Court. However, please note that additional provisions may be captured as a result of any consequential amendments arising from the outcome of an appeal.

► Click here to see the appeals, evidence and court documents

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