Southland Regional Policy Statement 2017

Southland Regional Policy Statement 2017

What is the Regional Policy Statement?

The Southland Regional Policy Statement 2017 (RPS) provides an overview of the resource management challenges for Southland and how to address them. An RPS is required for every regional council under the Resource Management Act 1991. It outlines objectives, policies and methods, which guide the management of Southland’s natural resources. It does not contain rules.

How does it work?

The RPS has the highest rank of any planning document in a region. For Southland, that means that all district plans of Southland councils (Invercargill City Council, Southland District Council, and Gore District Council) as well as Environment Southland’s regional plans must follow the provisions laid out in the RPS. This is to ensure that all the councils in the region are working towards common goals.

When did it become operative?
Monday 9 October 2017.

What does operative mean?
Being made operative means the 2017 version replaces the Regional Policy Statement for Southland 1997 and has full legal effect. Becoming operative is the final step in the Resource Management Act process.

I want to know more, who can I speak to?

Get in touch with the policy and planning team, either by emailing or phoning 0800 76 88 45.
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