Southland Regional Development Strategy

In late 2014 the Mayoral Forum commissioned this Strategy project. The Forum quite specifically stated that it was looking for a high-level integrated strategy that would unify the regional development effort, and in so doing, get a better grip on regional levers for economic and social development. It wanted a clear statement of the problems and of the solutions.

It was well aware that much work had been done in the past on plans and strategies to move the region forward, but none, in its view, had focused sufficiently on a unified effort across all sectors (public, private and community) and considering not just economic, social or people-type issues in isolation – but all of these together.

Many of the stakeholders spoken to during the preparation of this Strategy also noted that plans in the past had not been sufficiently bold, and were in some cases, insufficiently resourced. They urged that any strategy should be ambitious but realistic.

With a primary focus on increasing population, the strategy calls for bold yet practical action to build a stronger, brighter future.

Download the Southland Regional Development Strategy.

Action Plan

The SoRDS Action Plan was launched on 30 November 2016. It has been developed to hit the big goal of 10,000 more people living in Southland by 2025.

Download the Action Plan.

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