Long-term groundwater levels

The graphs below show the current state of our aquifer water levels since recordings began.

  • ​The bottom and top of the dark gray areas represent the lowest and highest recorded values.
  • The light gray area represents typical values.
  • The white line is the median value.
  • The blue line is the current year’s trace.

castlerock aquifer at sutherland road 

central plains aquifer at heddon bush 

edendale aquifer at hilda road 

edendale aquifer at seaward downs 

five river aquifer at mossburn five rivers 

five rivers aquifer at ellis road 

garvie aquifer at wallis road 

lintley aquifer at dipton-lumsden road 

lumsden aquifer at castlerock 

lumsden aquifer at ellis road 

north range aquifer at sutherland road 

riversdale aquifer at liverpool street 

riversdale aquifer at roche road 

upper mataura aquifer at nokomai 

waimatuku aquifer at isla bank 

waimea plains aquifer at glenure road 

waipounamu aquifer at sanson road

waipounamu aquifer at waipounamu road 

wendon aquifer at pyramid waiparu road 

whitestone aquifer at te anau-mossburn 

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