High Value Areas

What is a High Value Area?

HVA.jpgSouthland's landscape is scattered with native forest remnants, wetlands, dune systems and other important natural features. These areas provide important services as well as refuges and food sources for native birds and wildlife.

The High Value Area (HVA) programme utilises ecological surveys undertaken by local ecologists, and provide valuable information to landowners that can assist with overall land management. If you're interested in the significance of an area on your land but don't know much about it, the HVA programme is a great way to understand more about it and the ways in which this can be managed for the future.

What's in it for me?

You'll be receiving, at no cost or obligation to act, an ecological report describing:

  • The plants and animals that were identified in the area;
  • Threats to the native biodiversity present;
  • Management recommendations for the natural areas identified;
  • Aerial imagery identifying areas of ecological significance and those that are unique to the region;
  • Access to advice and assistance regarding the site's future management, and also guidance with funding applications such as the Environmental Enhancement Fund that can be used to kick-start projects surrounding these areas.

Background information for property owners

Take action today!

This information is a great way to form plans and take action to manage your land and the biodiversity values present. If you own an area of natural value and would like to know more information about it, contact the biosecurity team to talk about organising an HVA survey.

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