Possum Control Areas

We can support and assist landowners with possum control by establishing Possum Control Areas (PCAs). These ensure coordinated control is carried out over a larger area using effective methods.

Read our PCA factsheet for more information.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of setting up a PCA include:

  • preventing economic impacts from possum damage to valuable crops, pasture and trees
  • reducing the risk of Bovine TB disease
  • reducing environmental impacts on flora and fauna
  • reduced chances of possum reinvasion between neighbouring areas within a PCA

When is a PCA established?

Environment Southland is likely to establish a PCA when:

  • a possum problem is known to exist, or numbers are increasing
  • landowners seek possum control advice and assistance from us
  • a TBfree vector control programme has been in place but has now stopped

How does a PCA work?

  • We implement the initial possum control at our own cost throughout the PCA, to reduce possum numbers to a low level that landowners can effectively manage and maintain.
  • We set up possum bait stations at our cost in areas of prime possum habitat. These bait stations can then be used by landowner for future control to maintain low possum numbers.
  • We advise landowners what possum control options best suit their individual property.
  • We continue to liaise with landowners to ensure future possum control is successfully completed.
  • Landowners can choose to either use contractors, or carry out the control work themselves. We may be able to assist in the supply of materials at reduced cost.

A PCA coordinates and involves multiple landowners therefore possum control will have greater effect over a wider area with greater benefit to all involved.

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Possum Monitoring

Environment Southland will carry out periodic possum population monitoring to provide landowners and council that possums are being held to the required level of either a 5% or 10 % residual trap catch. Where monitoring shows a higher level than this Council will work with landowners to implement additional or alternative control options.

'Possum Press' Newsletter

Read the latest information about the PCAs and the work being done by our biosecurity team by downloading the Possum Press newsletter.

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