Pest animals

Pest animals are usually species that have been introduced to the New Zealand environment. They can have adverse on the regional economy, environment and biodiversity.

Forty-one animals are included in the Regional Pest Management Strategy. With the exception of rooks and exclusion species, pest animal control is generally the landowner's responsibility.

Our approach is to minimise the impacts pest animals have across property boundaries and within areas of high value. Our staff can provide information and advice to assist landowners in choosing appropriate best practice control methods, or in contacting a commercial pest control provider.

NOTE: Environment Southland does not provide a control service for wasps, bees or flies but can suggest either pest control contractors from the yellow pages or beekeepers as an option for bee swarm or potential wasp nest removal. Please refer to the Southland Bee Society for bee swarms.

Permit applications

Some animals require a permit if you want to keep them as a pet. Find relevant forms below.

Bengal Cat
Permit Application

Permit Application


You can find out about some of our region's other common pest animals by clicking on the links below.

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