Castlerock Farming Company Ltd

4/04/2019 12:00 a.m.

​​​​Public notice is hereby given pursuant to S.95A Resource Management Act 1991 that the following application for resource consent has been received by Environment Southland.

The application (reference APP-20181676) is for the following resource consents to authorise proposed activities at 72 Castlerock Road, Lumsden:

  • A water permit to abstract up to 113,745m3 per year of water from the Lumsden Aquifer with a maximum take of 4,320m3 per day for irrigation, stockwater and dairy washdown. The water permit will increase the annual volume of water abstracted from the 43,800m3 per year currently authorised.
  • A water permit to abstract up to 4,320m3 per day of groundwater from the Lumsden Aquifer for the purpose of aquifer testing.
  •  A landuse consent for the construction of up to 12 bores for the purpose of water abstraction, test bores and piezometers.

Purpose: Irrigation, stockwater and dairy washdown

Location: 72 Castlerock Road, Lumsden at about NZTM2000 1242000E 4926000N

Legal Description of Property: Lot 2 DP 3186, Lot 1 DP 1804, Lot 1 DP 12829, Lot 3 DP 636, Lot 4 DP 636, Lot 5 DP 636.

Address for Service:

Tim Muller
13 Pinot Noir Drive
Cromwell 9342

Full details of this application are also available for inspection at Environment Southland, corner of Price Street and North Road, Waikiwi, Invercargill during working hours (8.00 am to 5.00 pm).  Enquiries may be directed to Rebecca Robertson by phone to 027 4246 129 or by email to

Submissions on the above application must be received by Environment Southland no later than 5 pm 7 May 2019. A submission form is available for download below. Submissions may also be forwarded by email to or

Submission form

Any person may make a submission on the application, but a person who is a trade competitor of the applicant may do so only if that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to which the application relates that:

(a)      adversely affects the environment; and
(b)      does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition.

Submissions must be dated and signed (unless submitted electronically) and must include the following information:

  1. your name, postal address and telephone number (and fax number if applicable);
  2. details of the application in respect of which you are making the submission;
  3. whether it is in support of, or in opposition to the application, or is neutral;
  4. your submissions, with reasons;
  5. the decision that you wish Council to make; and
  6. whether you wish to be heard in support of your submission

​You must also serve a copy of your submission on the applicant as soon as reasonably practicable.


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