Firdale Farms Ltd

9/03/2018 12:00 a.m.

Public notice is hereby given pursuant to S.95A Resource Management Act 1991 that the following application for resource consent has been received by Environment Southland.

Firdale Farms Limited, Edendale

Application APP-20171553

Discharge Permit to discharge dairy shed and feedpad effluent to land from up to 700 cows by travelling irrigator at 25mm depth. The proposal is a non-complying activity under Rule 5.4.6 of the Regional Effluent Land Application Plan, Rule 50(c)(i) of the Regional Water Plan, and Rule 35(d) of the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan.

Land Use Consent to increase the area of the farm by 8ha. This is a non-complying activity under Rule 22(b) of the proposed Southland Land and Water Plan.

Water Permit to take up to 71,880 litres per day of groundwater from a bore in the Edendale Groundwater Zone. The proposal is a discretionary activity under Rule 23(d)(iv) of the Regional Water Plan and Rule 54(d) of the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan.

Purpose: Dairy Farming Operation
50 Dobbie Road, Edendale at about NZTM2000 1275981E 4858137N
Legal Description of Property:
Lot 1 DP 14493, Lots 2 & 3 DP 14491, Lot 1 DP 14494, Lots 227 and 230 DP 107, Lot 2 DP 500417, and Lot 1 DP 13586

Reasons for public notification: The Council must publicly notify an application if the activity will have or is likely to have adverse effects on the environment that are more than minor. It is considered that the effects on the environment will be more than minor for the following key reasons:

  • The effluent storage pond has holes caused by rats, and it is not known how the pond will be repaired;
  • The pond has not had a structural inspection while empty. The pond drop test was not conducted in accordance with Council's methodology, and the results indicate that groundwater may be infiltrating into the pond;
  • The proposed discharge is by travelling irrigator at a depth of 25mm, which is a greater depth than is considered to be good practice; and
  • There are uncertainties associated with the use of the Overseer nutrient budgets which have not been clarified in the application or further information provided.

Address for Service: Landpro Ltd, C/- Zen Gerente, PO Box 302, Cromwell 9342

Full details of this application are also available for inspection at Environment Southland, corner of Price Street and North Road, Waikiwi, Invercargill during working hours (8.00 am to 5.00 pm).  Enquiries may be directed to Lauren Maciaszek by phone to (03) 211 5115 or by email to

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