What we can offer

Please see below for examples of field trips, lessons and resources we offer.

Field Trips



We also support environmental learning and action in a range of other ways, like:

  • Presentations, activities and field trips focusing on a range of environmental topics
  • Assistance with curriculum planning e.g. environment-focused topics and inquiries
  • Presentations and field trips for secondary school classes to assist with Achievement Standards, e.g.
    • AS 90951: Investigate the biological impact of an event on a New Zealand ecosystem (Level 1)
    • AS 91298: Report on the environmental impact of the production of a locally produced primary product (Level 2)
    • AS 91532: Analyse a New Zealand primary production environmental issue (Level 3)
  • Information, advice and assistance with school environmental projects, e.g. riparian planting, ongoing water quality monitoring, habitat restoration
  • Opportunities for schools to participate in native planting projects on public land

EnviroScape® Catchment Model


The EnviroScape model is a plastic model which is taken into classrooms to introduce to students the concept of a catchment, and to demonstrate how land use activities such as farming can affect water quality.

Students design the landscape by placing objects such as trees, cars, houses and farm animals on the model. Food colouring, cooking oil, soap and cocoa powder can be sprinkled onto the model to represent different pollutants. Students create rain using water bottles and observe the contaminants making their way to waterways.

It is a very good visual way to demonstrate how land use can affect waterways. Following the demonstration, students are encouraged to suggest ways to mitigate and prevent contamination.

Find out more on their website: www.enviroscape.com

To enquire about the EnviroScape model, please fill in our online form, contact the team on 0800 76 88 45, or send an email to education@es.govt.nz.

Stream Connections

Stream Connections is an educational resource for teachers containing information about freshwater and water quality in Southland. It includes classroom activities, curriculum links and step-by-step instructions for running field trips to streams.

Download the Stream Connections resource for free.

Our Environmental Education Officers are teacher-trained and able to assist schools with learning programmes and field trips. For example, we can help with planning a topic, give talks in class, do some practical activities, or accompany classes on field trips. We have all the equipment needed to complete a stream study.

We also run professional development workshops for teachers to deepen their knowledge about freshwater issues, develop their understanding of the science of water quality, and encourage them to use the Stream Connections teacher resource in the classroom and on field trips. These services are offered to schools for free.

To book a stream study with us, please fill in our online form, contact the team on 0800 76 88 45, or send an email to education@es.govt.nz.

Marine Metre Squared


Our staff can help you plan and run your rocky, sandy or muddy shore MM2 and provide all the gear required.

If you do not need our help on the day you may still be able to borrow our MM2 kits which include all the equipment required for teams to carry out a rocky, sandy or muddy shore MM2.

  • Instruction sheets
  • Metre quadrats
  • Spades
  • Sieves
  • Rulers
  • ID booklets
  • Recording sheets



Our team is available to talk to classes about stormwater, e.g. what it is, stormwater contamination, how stormwater can affect waterways, and how people can help. We can lead students on a walk around the school grounds or neighbourhood to identify stormwater drains, and we have templates for spraypainting fish on stormwater drains.

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