Hot work permits

If you need to carry out hot work (welding or flame-cutting) on board a ship in the Bluff port or commercial areas you must apply for and be granted a hot work permit prior to commencing. Please complete the form below, and submit it to  the Harbourmaster at Environment Southland for approval. Completed applications forms can be submitted by email to

Download a hot work permit application form.

In addition to your hot work permit application form, as a minimum the following checks must be completed:

  • all combustible materials within surrounding areas removed or made safe.
  • no flammable liquids, vapours, gases or dusts present.
  • no hot work while any bunkering operations are in progress.
  • suitable fire extinguishers/hoses provided onsite and fully operational.
  • operator knows how to use fire equipment.
  • operator knows how and where to raise fire alarm.
  • an inspection of the surroundings of the work area(s) is carried out at least one hour after hot work is completed.

The marine administrator or harbourmaster may require a compliance audit prior to issuing a permit.

Permanent moorings

For those wishing to place a permanent mooring the Regional Coastal Plan for Southland sets out the requirements and the restrictions. Some areas allow moorings (e.g. Golden Bay Stewart Island), while others are prohibited or have strict limits (e.g. Harrison Cove in Milford Sound).

If you are considering  a mooring in the Bluff port zone you should consult South Port Ltd (call 03 212 8958), as well as the Regional Harbourmaster at Environment Southland (0800 76 88 45).

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