Ski lanes

Water recreation regulations and navigation safety bylaws require that all vessels navigate at a proper speed not exceeding 5 knots within 200 metres of the shore.

We have three ski lanes at Te Anau, one at the Lower Oreti, and one at Lake Manapouri, and one at Riverton.

Safety rules

  • If you are operating a towing vessel, make sure you know the boating safety rules – check out the Navigation Safety Bylaws
  • Correctly fitting, highly visible lifejackets must be worn by everyone being towed. These should be a vest style, suitable for high speed activities.
  • An observer aged 10 years or older must be aboard when towing.​

Towing access lanes

  • Towing access lanes are marked by the orange and black poles, and are for towing vessels only.
  • Travel in an anticlockwise direction using the most direct route from the access lane.
  • Returning vessels have the right of way.
  • Do not swim or park vessels in the access lane.​
towing access lanes.PNG

Watch the video below to learn how to correctly enter and exit the ski lanes. Thanks to the Marlborough District Council for sharing this resource – the same rules apply down here in Southland.​

Page reviewed: 31 Oct 2018 3:31pm