Industry advice

 Our pollution prevention programme offers free assistance to businesses to help them improve their environmental performance and prevent pollution events.  The programme has a pollution prevention guide, along with posters and action sheets to help with staff training and awareness, which are available online or from our pollution prevention officers.

To help businesses further, we have pollution prevention officers available to bring the Pollution Prevention Guide to your site and conduct a free site assessment to start the process off. This role is proactive, designed to work alongside industry, assisting in identification of issues and recommendations for potential improvements.

To find out more about the pollution prevention guide and how we can help your business, contact us on 0800 76 88 45 or email us at

Pollution prevention in business 

Every day business actions can impact on the environment, often without anyone knowing.  The industrial sector is just part of the total pollution risk to Southland's environment but because many of the materials that industries use have the potential to cause environmental damage, the Region's businesses have a serious responsibility to prevent pollution.

Preventing pollution is a common sense approach to environmental management that can result in the following benefits:

  • Reduction in accidental releases of materials. 
  • Improved storage and handling practices. 
  • Better maintained premises. 
  • Reduced compliance costs. 
  • Reduced clean up costs. 
  • Improved equipment maintenance. 
  • Improved company image.

You can do it yourself!

The Pollution Prevention Guide is a self-audit tool, broken down into easy-to-use modules. The aim is to help businesses comply with the law by:

  • assessing their own environmental impacts
  • eliminating actual sources of pollution
  • minimising potential sources of pollution

You can download all the factsheets included in the Pollution Prevention Guide from the links below.

Factsheets​​ & Guides

Builders Pocket Guide​

Environment Southland has been working in conjunction with Environment Canterbury to produce the Builders Pocket Guide for Southland​ – a quick reference water proof guide for builders and tradespeople to help recognise and manage potential environmental impacts and achieve compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), and regional and local council rules and regulations.

It's intended to provide easy, effective and realistic advice on worksite planning, site management and spill prevention/cleanup using best practice principals so you can manage your site and minimise (or totally remove) any impact on stormwater and waterways and the wider environment.

Download the Builders Pocket Guide for Southland.

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